The Original Zin Boldly Goes Where No Wine Has Gone Before

Ravenswood’s always been a bit of a rebel wine. It started with their single-minded mission to popularize Zin at a time when the wine-drinking public thought a Zinfandel was a musical instrument.

Ravenswood slide1 Ravenswood slide2 Ravenswood slide3 Ravenswood slide4 Ravenswood slide5

After many years, and an acquisition by Constellation Brands, Ravenswood finally has a branded winery website to support their “No Wimpy Wines” brand as boldly as their wine. To navigate, strafe across the brooding landscape, a blend of analog illustration brought to life with parallax flash techniques.

The wine website design is backed by deprecated SEO-friendly HTML and a promotion engine for good measure. A winefinder tool helps quick search by varietal and brand family. Some FINE copy ties it all together. Enjoy your taste of Original Zin. And fan them up on Facebook while you’re at it.