Providence Equity

Providence is a global private equity and credit investment firm with over $40 billion under management. Known for pioneering a sector-focused approach, the Providence digital brand presence delivers its "focus" message through a grand canvas commensurate with its global leadership.

Featured Companies Take Center Stage

The homepage boasts an innovating "image takeover" feature through which featured companies receive full-page billing. The result is a larger than life parade of one globe-leading investment after another.

A Grand Entrance

The homepage paces a graceful introduction to the high-level message and segue to sector-specialization supporting messages. A unifying text overlay type style makes a consistent, bold design statement while each business enjoys a distinct section in the main navigation.

Solidifying A Sub-Brand

Benefit Street Partners is the credit investment arm of Providence. A new, distinct identity helps distinguish the division while connecting visually to the Providence look and feel. The website then meets the challenge of weaving the respective brand and sub-brand introductions and marketing foundations together.

Fully Responsive Design

World-class responsive design is the proof point for Providence's up-to-date, global presence. From full-width homepage features, through to extensive portfolio filtering requirements, every page and view is refined for user ease across devices, native and mobile.