Making Risk Rewarding

As the heady mortgage days of the 90’s and early 00’s faded, global mortgage insurance leader PMI Group tasked FINE with a re-invention project.

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Annual Report

Working with the investor relations group to navigate the annual report (3 years in a row) during what could be considered the worst transitional timeframe in history for a mortgage insurance company. The challenge was to hone positive messages and clarify the company’s stability during difficult economic times.

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New Brand + Global Standards

A new brand identity and global brand graphic standards for offices around the world, working toward uniformity in print and web usage in all markets. Included in this phase was generation of a new company tagline as well: Making Risk Rewarding.

A global online standard and presence. FINE created sites for multiple regions around the world, in different languages, with different content focuses. We also created an umbrella corporate presence under which the localized sites lived.

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