Inspired by old-world European style bars, Pennyroyal is The Palladian’s new meeting spot. Exposed brick and vintage glassware play a starring role, joined by an approachable, yet refined menu. The identity and subsequent collateral defined a neighborhood social salon, adding recognizable grit from a generation loved for its style and attitude.

The Gritty Details

The Pennyroyal logo plays on the name. Its two descriptive elements are thoughtfully designed with a copper finish and crown reference working as a subtle juxtaposition of the two opposing sides of monetary value. The impression is antiquated but timeless, and the remaining collateral was designed to align with the space’s dark woods and vintage vibe to further reflect a time that looks past, yet feels present or future.

A Modern Take on Classic Taste

Though the brand is inspired by past eras, its digital presence is very much current. A microsite incorporates the brand's purposeful sophistication while offering a familiar browsing experience akin to all Kimpton restaurants and bars. Led by photography of the beautiful space and its styled drinks, it offers visitors an immediate sense of place - somewhere to step back in time without missing their favorite modern perks.