Wild Hare Logo on Colorful Background

Wild Hare Bar Garden

Wild Hare is the garden-themed bar at Hilton’s San Diego Gaslamp Quarter property. The quirky cocktail-centered experience is inspired by the Gaslamp Quarter’s historic designation as Rabbitville (because the area just had so many bunnies). For this project, Hilton and Pebblebrook needed an unconventional concept for an entertaining and locally inspired brand.

A Hopping Design

The design-centered bar gives creativity the space to frolic freely. A youthful look hops along through textural gradients and floppy-eared graphics. The illustrative wordmark invites guests down the rabbit hole while a garden-inspired color palette and playful bunny puns.

Person holding Wild Hare branded tote next to another image of business card
Wild Hare Style Guide Detail
Wild Hare Secondary Logo
Wild Hare Coasters and Menu
Wild Hare Logo Animation
Wild Hare Shadow Play Icons
Wild Hare swizzle stick and t-shirt

Bounce on In

Taking bar hopping to a new level, Wild Hare brings the bunnies to the forefront through shadow cast artwork, custom-shaped mirrors and QR code, and rabbit puns a-plenty. Guests can leap into weekend Hip Hop nights while enjoying carrot-infused cocktails, bunny ear crazy straws, and year round peeps. Highly instagrammable and more memorable than a white rabbit, Wild Hare gives guests a truly ear-resistable experience.

Wild Hare Postcard and Beanie
Wild Hare Pillow
Wild Hare Carrot Enamel Pin
Wild Hare takeaway coffee cup
Wild Hare Style Guide Detail
Wild Hare Down The Rabbit Hole Neon Sign