Newport Harbor Island Resort

As Goat Island’s only hotel, the Newport Island Harbor Resort occupies a special place on this storied waterfront. A favored spot for new and established guests, the resort caters to a diverse audience of vacationers. NHIR needed to bring together modern luxury with historic tradition, creating a quintessential New England coastal tradition for generations to come.

A Newport Beacon

With its singular location, personalized luxury, and local experiences, NHIR is the only waterfront hotel that brings the quintessential New England coastal experience to the whole family. With a focus on both leisure and business, the resort caters to a diverse array of guests. Visually, the brand employs a color palette that evokes the water paired with sleek silver finishes. Inspired by the aesthetics of coasts and lighthouses, subtle wave textures evoke waterfront well-being.

The Water No Matter the Season

At Newport Harbor Island Resort guests enjoy a homebase on the water through every season. NHIR helps guests become part of the fabric of the town through immersive regional experiences and culinary celebrations that evoke the true essence of this iconic location. Diverse family programming means there’s always something for everyone. From waterfront pop-ups to oyster hours, elevated game nights to sauvignon sunset viewings, guests are enveloped in a sense of lively modern luxury.


As NHIR’s higher end dining experience, 1639 derives inspiration from Newport Harbor’s maritime culture. The logo’s dynamic number form arrangements echo the waves of the ocean while the brand’s color palette is inspired by the hues of the ocean environment. Photography depicting the atmospheric wonder of New England coastal communities rounds out the aspirational experience.

Torpedo Lounge

NHIR’s three-meal restaurant brings a modern take to maritime aesthetics. A multilayered logo is steeped in the visual language of Newport Harbor, including an illustrated ship in a bottle. Continuing the maritime theme, the Torpedo Lounge color palette focuses on more contemporary hues. Rich photography highlights artisanal spirit and the vibrancy of New England’s coastal communities.