Hotel Ziggy logo on plastic wrap surface

Hotel Ziggy

Embodying the spirit of the Sunset Strip, Hotel Ziggy is the new rebel on the block. The most recent addition to the Unofficial Z Collection, a set of art-forward hotels designed to wake you up, Ziggy is here to set the music free. The mission for Ziggy: create a standout hospitality experience that captures the essence of the West Hollywood music scene.

West Hollywood Verve

Hotel Ziggy harnesses the energy of West Hollywood, from past to present. Inspired by the legends of the scene, Ziggy propels the spirit of renegade creativity into the now. To create the perfect vibe, we considered the full Ziggy jam, from virtual to physical, designing spaces and experiences to bring guests and music together.

Hotel Ziggy Shortform and Secondary Logo
Hotel Ziggy Pool
Hotel Ziggy mission statement
Hotel Ziggy vibey collage of stickers, magazine cutouts, and photo booth strips.

The Ziggy Experience

At Hotel Ziggy, guests don’t just come to stay, they come to experience. By harmonizing the digital and physical sides of the brand, we created a hospitality experience that invites participation, so guests can fully tune into their stay. With a saltwater pool at the center, a music venue at the heart, and a pizza place to fill you with vibe, Ziggy guests can venture through the hotel with ease. A digital map of physical locations helps guests get out and about in West Hollywood to explore the music and art of the area. Ziggy’s own curated radio station, KZGY, keeps the tunes coming while gear rental provides instruments and equipment for when inspiration strikes.

Location setting image of Hotel Ziggy's courtyard pool area.
Retro Hotel Ziggy CD next to Hotel Ziggy Do Not Disturb door hangers.
Hotel Ziggy Guitar next to Hotel Ziggy branded Polaroid photos.

Marking the Music

Ziggy’s brand mark is full of retro zigs and modern zags. Celestial stars bring the punch while guitar pick silhouettes inspire everyone’s inner creator. Dynamic animations add movement to web graphics while brand colors - inspired by iconic instruments, rocking signage, and dialed in design - round out the brand down to the detail.

A graphic spread from Hotel Ziggy's brand guidelines book.
Hotel Ziggy logo in water
Hotel Ziggy branding on cupcakes and Hotel Ziggy keycards.

Better on the B-Side

Dishing up pizza and pints all day, B-Side provides the fuel for all manner of musical adventures. With an aesthetic inspired by legends like Licorice Pizza and Delicious vinyl, rock and roll pizza boxes and record-shaped pizza savers, B-Side becomes its own classic. B-Side’s delicious brand mark contrasts a bold B with a simple sans serif and brings a Ziggy star into the mix for an extra spark of energy.

Animation of B-Side Pizza logo.
B-Side Pizza Logo, Menu and Graphic treatment, and a literally cheesy Pizza image.
Person wearing B-Side Pizza t-shirt.
B-Side Pizza boxes and record pizza table.
B-Side Pizza slice on branded wax paper.

Be at the Backbeat

Backbeat is the live music venue at the heart of the hotel, set right in the Ziggy lobby. With shows from a wide array of up-and-coming artists and decoupage decor that features music history and present, Backbeat connects guests to the legends, and legends-in-the-making, of the West Hollywood scene.

Backbeat On Sunset logo animation.
Backbeat On Sunset Coasters, Concert Ticket, and musicians performing in the venue.
Backbeat short form logo and mobile digital presence.
Musicians performing a concert at Backbeat On Sunset.
Backbeat On Sunset t-shirt and coasters.