The Blue Book Building and Construction Network is the largest network in the multi-billion dollar commercial construction industry. Their new digital product,, streamlines the construction bidding process with a simple, yet potentially revolutionary tool to minimize endless back and forth in the bidding process. The promise: to connect these parties as ONETEAM, on the same page.

Building the Visual Language

The identity subtly taps into the childhood nostalgia of construction. A playful, stylized hardhat logo and brand color scheme evoke memories (especially among the intended audience) of playing in the dirt and sand with toy trucks, and the wonder of giant machines. A distinctive imagery style tells the story of this new technology product while using a duotone, almost vintage style that hearkens back to the industry’s roots and puts a human face on the name.

A brand microsite serves as a warm company introduction, succinctly delivering the core benefits of the new tool, then connecting qualified prospects with ONETEAM experts for a personalized demonstration to get their project started, responsively scaling for any screen.

A parallax scrolling effect coded into the site allows two stories to develop simultaneously on the homepage – the features of the product, and how those features benefit the process of bid management. It's a cohesive pitch of the product that engages the user from start to end.

Telling the Product Story

Print materials extend the digital presence offline, telling a more detailed level of the product story using a folding experience as engaging in paper form as parallax scrolling was in pixels. Beginning at a standard brochure size, the story literally unfolds, sharing progressively more information about ONETEAM until eventually revealing a large poster fit for office display.

Through strategy, design, technology, and even content and copy, these new brand assets are poised to help ONETEAM cement a powerful position in the construction industry.