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Norton Today

The security software category contracted a contagious case of consumer apathy, with tech-savvy “wired” consumers resorting to freeware, and other consumers simply tuning out. The solution was a content marketing destination with the visual, informational approach to appeal to an audience sophisticated enough to understand the nuances of cybercrime, and friendly enough to pass along to those who just want to feel safe online.

A Global Brand Hub

NortonToday became the communications hub for re-imagined Norton brand campaigns and re-engineered speedier software, welcoming all of Norton’s consumer advertising and consumer promotions traffic, and driving value-added content. The site stood out in an industry that had become mired in sameness of design, predictability of content, and low involvement on all sides.

A Rich Calendar of Viral Anti-Virus Content

Like any world-class publication, Norton Today's content calendar was strong with recurring features (podcasts, user-submitted content, and high profile topics) and cover stories alike. Top stories went beyond SEO-rich words - interactive apps, games, widgets, tools, and even papercraft bots yielded millions of visitors through widespread attention on top blogs like Gizmodo and Boing Boing.

Online Neighborhood Watch

Norton Today's adjunct, Norton Watchgroups, was a proprietary social media platform that allowed Norton loyalists to lead their own online neighborhood watchgroup, keeping friends and family protected and informed through a dynamic watchgroup hub page.

Powerful Results

In a survey of the more than 1 million unique visitors to the site during its first year, 74% reported an improved impression of the Norton brand due to interaction with the brand on NortonToday. For the world's #3 consumer software brand, those results translate to significant gains at points of sale, online and off.