Iron Man 2 Promotion

As the world’s third-largest consumer software brand, Norton thinks big for its annual summer promotion. In 2010, they partnered with Marvel’s Iron Man 2 franchise, which featured a cybercrime villain named Whiplash, to award instant and grand prizes through an online game.

Included in the FINE-constructed microsite was a new view on the movie trailer, edited by FINE using actual movie footage, that draws the parallel between Norton and Iron Man’s similar roles in saving you from cybercrime.

Soup-To-Nuts Technical Integration

The site extends into an interactive instant-win engine where users answer questions about online threats and get a chance to win instantly from electronically delivered prizes, or to win the grand prize at the end of the promotion.

The entire promotional experience was managed through a secure database that drove the ruleset, picked winners, amassed tens of thousands of entries, and never missed a beat.