Norton Cybercrime Index

The Norton Cybercrime Index is a free tool available at and webwide. It measures and warns cyber-citizens about real-time cybercrime threats around the world. You’ll see it displayed on location in places like London and New York’s Times Square. The intent - to provide visibility into the daily battle against cybercrime.

A Powerful Digital Ally

In the battle against online bad guys, information is power. The Cybercrime Index merges an immersive, consumer-friendly graphical interface with authoritative cybercrime data sources to empower online citizens. It creates a critical marketing focal point and differentiator for one of the world's top-3 consumer software companies.

"Symantec is very appreciative of the incredible amount of effort FINE put into building the Cybercrime Index. The results were spectacular."

Tech Heavy Lifting

What appears to be a seamless, fluid infographic on the surface requires robust technology behind the scenes. To connect the front-end consumers see on their mobile and desktop browsers to the myriad back-end data sources that deliver the data, FINE coded a custom middleware application. The orbs seen in the user interface may figuratively create order out of digital chaos; the technology behind the index literally does it.

A Global Campaign

The index became a centerpiece in a worldwide brand communications effort. Advertised in FINE-created ads and widgets, deployed in kiosks in New York and London, and promoted through public relations outreach, the net result is a brand message that compels consumers away from indifference and into the fight against cybercrime.