Morrison House

Morrison House

Kimpton's Morrison House is a gracious and inviting host with a rich literary heritage that permeates through its bold "Words on Water" design. A raffish retreat on a classic Federalist foundation, it's Old Town Alexandria re-envisioned through a contemporary urban lens.

Subtle Formality Disarmed by Color

For a property with just as much history as contemporary personality, the identity needed to strike a proper balance. The full lockup blends serif and sans serif fonts, both clean and subtly stately, while lines vary from three to five, easily adapting with or without the city modifier. Inspired by gentlemanly bookplates and colonial classics, the logo makes it own mark with an irreverent wink. In short form, a courtly monogram in an ornate frame pairs with daring neon to reimagine cordial sophistication.

Telling the Narrative

Room décor influenced the brand's custom plaid design seen throughout the collateral set, where property prep plays with contemporary style. Beyond the pattern, the collection relies on the bold neon green for a vibrant lift and energetic spirit. Impossible to place in any one time period, the literary-inspired brand looks and feels like an insider's secret, sought by those who quietly feed their imagination.

Digital Details

Taken digitally, Morrison House's website infuses the identity's unexpected pops of color with the space's calming neutral tones. A confident contradiction of styles gleans inspiration from classic Old Town merged with modern amenities, completing a two-narrative brand story.