Lynnwood Convention Center

Conceived as a venue to compete for the biggest events in the state, Lynnwood Convention Center is about 20 minutes north of Seattle. Its smaller, high-tech modern design offers a compelling event venue a few miles outside the city hub.

New Brand Identity

This brand was created from the ground up: Identity, messaging, inaugural website and print, DVD with print collateral, and promotional print campaigns.

The successful identity memorably captures the iconic and timeless silhouette of the building itself. The modern, slightly whimsical architecture begins to tell the story of the personality of the facility.

The logo fused perfectly into environmental signage and on-premise signage while the color palette blends seamlessly into the Lynnwood community.

New Control

The CMS-backed website carried the look through and provides evidence of the facility’s technology savvy. The printed system created a bridge to the online brand using a modular container, press kit and a smaller stand-alone sales/marketing piece with customizable DVD insert.

From the beginning, LCC exceeded all expectations in revenue performance and community acceptance. LCC continues to exceed projections, and the identity remains in its original form – a seamless new member of the Lynnwood visual back-drop.

"The work FINE did was world class, and I enjoyed every step of the process."

— Eddie T.L. Tadlock, The General, Lynnwood Convention Center /