Love, Alex Website

Believing beautiful things create beautiful opportunities, Alexandra Clancy built a business that fuels the virtuous cycle of enjoying luxurious design while giving back to worthy causes. The result is an alluring line of fashion accessories rooted in a deep devotion to philanthropy. Their highly sophisticated, minimalist online brand presence website conceals a story that runs much deeper.

In Its First Year, Love, Alex Has Already Helped 15,000+ Children in 150+ Classrooms.

Through a partnership with Love, Alex has already helped thousands of children. Through this non-profit website, teachers can post requests for anything from art supplies and technology to books for their students, allowing donors to choose projects they’d like to support.

As great as it is to give, it's always nice to get a little love in return.

Love, Alex buyers are able to see specific projects they’ve brought to life through their purchases as well as thank you letters posted on the and websites.