Kirk Palmer Associates

As a confident leader of the talent acquisition space, Kirk Palmer Associates has been connecting the world’s leading brands with top executives for 30 years. Together with their inspiring team, we’ve refreshed their digital presence to deliver a unifying brand story, bringing their outstanding legacy to the modern web.

Building on Beautiful Bones

Unsurprisingly, Kirk Palmer Associates has the sophisticated taste to match a decades-long stewardship of high-end fashion, beauty, and retail. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we were able to leverage their classic established typeface and iconic dot symbol to create an enduring digital brand presence and user experience not limited to any one style moment.

At the Heart of the Industry

As an executive search agency, Kirk Palmer Associates has served the world of fashion, beauty, and retail with unbeatable talent acquisition expertise—but it’s also become an inseparable, integral member of the luxury goods ecosystem itself. A robust content engine for daily news briefs, announcements, and expert perspectives is the perfect tool for the authorities at KPA to share insights as a go-to resource within the industry at large.

A Portfolio that Speaks for Itself

An impressive client portfolio is designed to be dynamic and informative with a simple but elegant UI. Clever filters for special moves such as “International Expansion” and “Emerging High Growth” help tell the unique stories of their clients and shape an engaging user journey. The ability to evolve with a fast-paced, modernizing industry is demonstrated by a history of flexing where needed and role placement of all flavors, from IT to HR to merchandising.

It’s All about the People

In an industry dedicated to and powered by personalities, it’s the individuals of Kirk Palmer Associates that make all the difference. Prominent home page headshots provide a friendly introduction to the team and create an approachable atmosphere, while articles and insights authored by each team member showcase a depth of specialized expertise.