Kenwood Vineyards

Founded in 1970, Kenwood Vineyards is a pioneer in Sonoma County winemaking. In 2014, the brand joined Pernod Ricard with an ambition to become a global archetype for premium Sonoma wines. A comprehensive brand transformation, including a repositioning and a new brand identity, culminated in this new digital destination to showcase the winery’s Sonoma story, expanded premium product tiers, thoughtful craft, and direct-to-consumer sensibility.

A Story Rooted In Its Setting

These wines have always been of a place, the products of distinct AVAs and diverse vineyards, carefully sourced and crafted through small-lot winemaking. The site’s visual narrative grid design places visitors in the “where” that inspires the winemaking “how” and the premium “what.” Careful content strategy pairs telling imagery with thoughtful storytelling, connecting source to product—the land to the wine—in region detail pages and again in wine detail pages. At every turn, visitors tour Kenwood’s Sonoma before viewing the fruits of its labor.

Engaging, Expressive e-Commerce

Users explore product through lookbooks, where big, bold imagery organizes the collection, and visually distinguishes tiers. At-a-glance cues quickly express product breadth, and the variety and uniqueness of each wine. Built responsively, the product grid organizes an expansive list into something easily explorable, from desktop, to tablet, to mobile. This first interaction provides a seamless purchase path, while underlying technology enables special highlights, promotions or new additions.

From First Look to Lasting Impression

A high-fashion feel emerges from a more sophisticated, clean and minimal palette. Food and travel magazine-quality imagery elevate the brand impression, along with a recurring presence of lookbooks that use full-width image pairings to tell a more detailed story compositionally and narratively. The result creates a timeless, rugged craft feel with high-end products, moving Kenwood squarely into premium brand territory.

Crafted For Global Brand Impact

The site takes Kenwood's vision of Sonoma and shares their experience of the very best of the region. A series of video vignettes express the idea—that Kenwood's winemaking craft emerges from its unparalleled source to create premium, distinctive wines. It’s a brand introduction meant to linger until your next opportunity in-store, on premise, or on site, to order your very own piece of world-renowned Sonoma.