K-J, America's favorite family winery, shares its remarkable brand legacy, kicked off with the FINE-conceived Words of Wisdom campaign, and a Prime Time appearance on CBS’s hit show “Undercover Boss”.

Browse While You Watch

A responsive website is the perfect fit for a captive television-viewing audience. The real-time national campaign activation extends from sophisticated social content sharing tools to shelf-talkers in rural chains, all unified by the idea of continuing to build on this winery’s family legacy.

All Points of Contact

The Words of Wisdom campaign includes a comprehensive communications effort across digital (web, mobile, tablet, Facebook) and analog channels. Among the long list of offline campaign tools are neckers, case glorifiers, mass displays, billboards, and online advertising.

Behind the Silhouette

The campaign, headlined by a silhouetted image that evokes both the TV show premise and the ever-presence of late company founder Jess Jackson, tells the K-J family story. With video and words, it forms the connective tissue between the Jackson family and the people who make K-J go.

Social Engagement

Through social channels, the campaign thread extends to K-J fans with a collaborative tool that allows people to share their family’s legacy through advice, stories, and pictures. A back-end tool helps manage the flow of wisdom, approving submissions as they come in.

Family Legacy / Words of Wisdom

The Words of Wisdom campaign will persist long after the Undercover Boss television event. It will evolve and grow, a legacy shared and created by those with a lasting appreciation for Kendall-Jackson. And just good old-fashioned family wisdom.