Karma Rewards

Kimpton Hotels has a long history of departing from the industry norm to give guests something beyond expectations. Their new loyalty program is a case in point. In name, identity, branding, messaging, and digital touchpoints, the new Kimpton Karma Rewards is a new approach to loyalty.

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants / An Iconic New Experience

Karma’s style is Kimpton’s style, circulating around the new name, program, and small details of identity like icons that represent program levels. These patterned icons have subtle numerical references, but also tie into color, textile and design patterns found recurring across hotel interiors. They weave together a physical and digital experience, just like Kimpton does.

Karma In Context

On KimptonHotels.com, a Karma area allows visitors to learn and enroll, or login to check status, reservations, and rewards. Behind it all, database technology communicates with digital devices to deliver personalized experience in context as never before. From the front desk to the mobile phone or tablet, Karma is a more personal, contextual, meaningful rewards program.

Elevating the Kimpton Brand Experience

Kimpton Karma Rewards is an innovative way to show guests that what goes around does indeed come back around. It goes beyond traditionally loyalty to become a true brand relationship platform. You may get credit for liking things on Facebook, get served what seems like a random perk, or get credit in ways that are mysterious for things that don’t even cost you money. Imagine that.

"The name Karma says it all—the more love you give Kimpton, the more love comes back to you."