Joie de Vivre Hotels

Joie de Vivre is not a one-size-fits-all hotel company. They celebrate the diversity of California, the diversity of individuals, and the diversity of life through their unique properties. A new web design builds on their unparalleled brand characteristics – an emphasis on boutique properties that match individual tastes, with an appreciation for the multitude of experiences possible in the nation’s most populous state.

Welcome to California

California experience is at the heart of the site, and the heart of the Joie de Vivre brand. It starts on the homepage, but the real action takes place through details of hotel listings that give you the full sense of place, and inventive website features – like Hotel Matchmaker and Your California – that help ensure visitors to the site, and visitors to the state, have their ideal experience.

Guiding the Experience

Site content and tools are geared not just to booking rooms, but to supporting a great experience once you arrive. Your California and Joy of Life Guides provide insights into specific destinations and activities, Neighborhoods takes visitors deep into signature areas, and California Connect creates a dynamic online community where visitors share thoughts on destinations and activities. Finally, an Experience Planner tool allows visitors to view, assemble, save, and print their own custom itineraries.

Hotel Matchmaker Pairs You with the Perfect Property

Meet Yvette. Though enabled by technology, she's perhaps the most personal approach to selecting a place to stay to be found anywhere on the web. As the site's resident Hotel Matchmaker, she'll help you find a property that reflects your tastes, filtering by standard criteria, like price and location, and by unique search methods, like personality-based questions that draw parallels between choosing a hotel and choosing a friend.

Individual Hotel Websites

Brands Singing in Unison

While each JdV property has a presence within the framework of the main brand site, many also have their own web presence. Each design is carefully crafted to romance that property's individual hospitality brand within the context of JdV's. And the technology connects them on the back-end for easy management and continuity.

"Well, you did it. Let’s sit for a moment and bask in the glory of a truly terrific hotel website...I have high standards and don’t hold back opinions, but when you’ve hit the ball out of the park, I also want to give you the praise you deserve. All of us at JDV are very proud of what you’ve helped create... You’ve done a phenomenal job and I’d like to spread that news to others." - Chip Conley