From Washington’s Columbia Valley, INTRINSIC is a new breed of Cabernet Sauvignon, both in style and substance. Inspired both by the art of urban culture and the traditional craft of winemaking, it’s a brand that balances urban culture and time-honored traditions. The result creates an unexpected new canvas for the brand story and for the winemaking process itself.

Process Inspires Product

The new website immediately connects the audience to INTRINSIC’s unique creation process; where most Cabs stay on the skins for one month, INTRINSIC remains on for nine, resulting in remarkable silkiness and smooth mouthfeel. A time-lapse video melds this winemaking innovation with street art to tell the story of a brand challenging the norms of wine culture. Bold design throughout the site extends and energizes the story. Fonts, color palettes, textures, thoughtful tech enhancements, and urban visual materials marry with wine crop interpretations to appeal to an audience interested in wine and inspired by urban artistry.

Challenging Convention. Sharing Experience.

As the brand emerges through an unconventional lens, parallels are drawn between the layers of artistry in winemaking and the layers of "floating" imagery for visual storytelling, inspiring the notion there's always depth to great stories, people, flavors. Through a brand site viewable on any device screen in any context, it's a rebellious reminder that art born in the city— on a wall or in a glass—is meant to be a shared experience.