Glendale Express - Hotel Lobby, Restyled

Glendale Express

Everywhere, bygone-era relic hotels hold huge untapped value. Brand-led thinking unlocks it, shaping signature style, service, and experience around modern guest sensibilities. Case in point, the Express rebrand concept pioneered in Glendale. What began as an evolution to a '70s chain property became something revolutionary along the way: a flex hotel with the charm, character, and perceived value of a boutique brand.

A Dramatic Location Transformation

For the doubters, haters, or just LA drivers, Express not only owns its location and new look but proclaims it boldly, with a giant freewayside building mural that makes Glendale a point of pride for miles around. More importantly, the new exterior signals to guests they’ve arrived at the perfect place for California dreamin’ and WiFi streamin’.

after before
Brown and beige ice cream truck with a mother father and child standing in front with an ice cream cone
Man with camera

People of the Flipside

An easy-access location on “the flipside” of the Hollywood sign inspired a vision for a launchpad perfect for urban explorers, LA daytrippers, filmmakers, and beachgoers. A custom photo shoot orchestrated an imagery library for all occasions, depicting a great place for them to stay; an even better place for them to GO.

Model by hotel exterior brand signage

Check Out the New Lobby

Most mid-tiers tout table stakes (sleep, cleanliness, hot breakfast, free WiFi, friendly staff). Express creates a set for stories, where guests create their own unscripted adventures. It starts where you check-in, with a new lobby where you and your gang can laugh and loiter.

after before
Reimagined hotel lobby
Interior lobby of Glendale Express with large windows and midcentury modern table, chairs and decor

Stay Way Cooler in the Pool

A fun, upbeat, vintage-inspired vibe plays out all over the property. Balconied rooms, abundant free parking (not a typo, free), and (most importantly) a re-imagined, and inflatable pink flamingo-compliant pool scene make Express a scenester's scene.

Woman in sunglasses and black bathing suit on a pink flamingo floaty in a swimming pool
Woman playing with beach ball and three children in a bubble gum pink locker room

A Name and Identity From the LA Heyday

A freewheeling name and identity Express the property's new brand spirit through the feel of a trip back to the mid-century LA heyday, pulled off with bold colors like Glendale green, and a look that does kitsch just right.

Glendale Express Color Guide showing the logo in white on Green and Black and Pantone Swatches underneath
A collection of 1950's stye illustrations that are used throughout the Glendale Express brand
Green Glendale Express keychain with logo and palm tree lock up in white

Signature Operational Moves and Schwag

Appreciation for 50s nostalgia comes through in details like a proprietary script typeface, and recurring line drawing motif. Fun, retro schwag and operational touchpoints like old-timey key tags, un-businessy cards and stationery system complete the picture.

Small round table and two pink chairs with a tea kettle and various other branded amenities


A custom photo shoot orchestrated an imagery library for all occasions that depicts a great place to stay, and an even better place to GO.

A man in sunglasses sits behind plant. A man holds a light up rubber duck. A boy adjusts his sunglasses. A woman holds straw

Digital as a Destination in Itself

A slick, responsive, mobile-friendly website goes far beyond baseline booking. It’s custom-made, minimal in content (yet maximum on attitude), emphasizing play, motion, and social personality. Imagery becomes a mainstay on Instagram, with the feel of user-generated content meant to inspire user-generated stories, and a Spotify playlist or two.

Animation of scroll through of Glendale Express website
A collection of images from the Glendale Express instagram account
Man drinking coffee out of a white mug with the Glendale Express logo on it

Outlook: Vibe-Rich

T-Shirts and totes for casual adventures, flipside-flops and towels for poolside or beachfront become tools for exploration. Even a fortune-telling inspired ad campaign predicts your vibe-rich future at Glendale Express.

Grab. Go. Repeat.

Maybe sit down restaurants lose you at sit. Maybe you're tired of battering well-worn vending machines that steal your coins. Either way, new grab n’ go options, and even popups for pop tarts, sell the Express dream.

Interior of Glendale Express hotel depicting the grab and go fridge for snacks near the front desk
Glendale Express brand book showing the cover and interior pages

A Comprehensive New Brand Standard

Extensively documented brand and visual standards push a consistent Express service and style approach to the forefront, in Glendale and all future locations. A new brand stands poised to invade a relic property near you.