Kimpton Hotel Palomar

Hotel Palomar

Hotel Palomar is a showpiece collection of hotels distinct within the Kimpton brand family, uniting locations in seven key U.S. markets with a longstanding appeal to the connected urban traveler. A collection-wide interior design refresh prompted a concurrent brand clarification and identity redesign to capture the singular “contemporary pin-striped suit” experience now found at Hotel Palomars wherever you go.

Start Here: Guest Experience

The process begins at the brand center, where important distinctions of the Palomar experience were examined and engineered into an operational “dashboard” to drive the right balance of continuity and distinction across all locations. Brand differentiators, design enhancements, and service distinctions were all defined as part of each property’s guest journey, unified by a “Smart, Personalized Meticulousness” appeal to style-conscious guests who seek a deliberately elevated experience.

A Classically Contemporary Mark

From the core brand narrative emerged a mark consistent (except for location) across all locations. A sense of classical fashion and architecture was intentionally chiseled down, replacing heavy-handed serifs and other visual luxury cues with a sleeker, understated, modern take that interprets prestige for a new era.

Making An Understated Statement

Hotel Palomar collateral applies the new brand system that creates a standout collective presence with small, location-specific variations. A stark black-and-white color palette uses minimal flourishes, like the understated elegance of silver-foil on the wordmark itself. The feeling of classical luxury and modern simplicity co-exist in these pieces, just as they do in the hotels.

Guiding, Connecting, Extending

Achieving the delicate balance of leveraging a master Kimpton brand and framing a distinct collection brand within that landscape has enabled Hotel Palomar's extended reach. It’s a brand that re-connects with a contemporary sensibility, through touchpoints on-property or on-the-go.