Horsley Bridge Partners

Over the past 30 years, billions of dollars have been invested under the thoughtful eye of Horsley Bridge Partners. Their funds have backed over 8,000 underlying portfolio companies, with over 1,000 IPOs. Using site design, content, and photography, their first-ever digital presence connects this full track record of success in private equity investing with a broader audience.

Connecting Past with Future

Contemporary design balances "establishment" with intelligence, integrating the bells and whistles of modern technology with a classic look. The core principles of the financial brand are supported by stunning photography of great bridges from around the world. The imagery reflects HBP’s global reach and their role as “bridge” for clients seeking to invest in the fast-paced world of technology.

Articulating the Inspiration

The content and copy strategy includes a fun, thought-provoking look at HBP's people and principles. The Inspiration section offers quotes from leaders in sports and business - a glimpse at what makes the partners tick. Each partner contributes their own inspiration, found in their bios, which powers a collective view of perspectives that shaped the company, and our society.

Thanks to FINE for helping bring our firm to life online. The look and feel are exactly what we hoped to achieve, and the process was thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks for the hard work, the many laughs, and especially, the wonderful website.

Responsive Design and Intent

Demonstrating digital prowess to a tech-savvy industry requires function as well as form. The website is device agnostic, responding seamlessly to browser screen width from mobile through cinema size. Custom CMS technology powers the data behind the scenes, allowing for easy updates that quickly reach users through their chosen media.