Gravity People

As online competitors like Monster began to conquer the industry, along came an intelligent, swift and savvy group who focused on high value technology talent, and competed with faceless competitors using a personal approach.

FINE’s branding put their personal attention at the forefront, creating immersive materials that provided real life case studies of companies they’d helped build through staffing and talent, and infusing it with their own personable words such as "Nerf toys are lame…we throw hard candy and witty barbs."

A Full Service Branding Initiative

From Identity Development to Business Papers, Website to Application Interface, the re-brand was all encompassing. Print Communication Tools included a graphic book of interviews with staffed companies and placed people providing real-life insight into the process and results from Gravity People. A Customizable Pitch Program also standardized and customizable brochures designed to guide a sales pitch and be left behind to reinforce the big picture benefits. The success of their brand is best demonstrated by their place on the San Francisco Business Times’ top 100 Fastest Growing Companies list for 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.