Would you like to sit at home and have pre-made gourmet meals delivered to you daily that are formulated for maximum deliciousness, brimming with health, and designed to assist in weight loss? If that sounds expensive to you, that’s because it can be. Customers must be convinced of this seemingly impossible marriage of convenience and gourmet sensibility.

The Freshology brand and web experience are designed to do just that.

What is YOUR Freshology?

The essence of Freshology is something elemental and essential. So too are the characteristics of the Freshology brand as applied across different media, contexts, products and markets.

The Freshology Sphere™ becomes a visual element that evokes the energy of the sun, around which orbits the full spectrum of activities that can become part of a personal Freshology system to cultivate energy, health, vitality, wellness, and purity.

The signature sphere in the Freshology identity evokes varied comparisons: a sliced fruit, an atom, a mandala, a dandelion, peacock feathers, a water droplet, a cell, just to name a few. To the extent these images inspire you, none are wrong. All can serve as the answer to the question “what is YOUR Freshology?”

In this way, the website navigation creates a platform for sub-brands: FreshMommy, FreshLite, FreshDining, etc. It creates a clear connection between marketing, branding, design, and even SEO.