Flatbed Cider Website

Flatbed Cider packs all the personality of its home place. Proudly made in the Pacific Northwest, its “northwest of normal” personality emerges in a digital environment that pays tribute to its area of origin. Slightly aged photography styles and retro design elements reinforce brand pillars of homegrown greatness and flannel-clad irreverence.

Flatbed's digital home invites visitors to a place where they can flannel up, drink up, and enjoy all the things its home has to offer.

The design aesthetic speaks simply to craft, relying on movement through type style and easily identifiable, Pacific Northwesterner accents. Iconography punctuates with easily digested promises of ingredients, quality, and technique. A featured product slider fits the Flatbed experience in your hands - especially since it all works seamlessly across devices from desktop to mobile.

Finding the Flannel

A "Cider Finder" feature integrates dynamically-driven retailer information in a simple format that allows users to quickly plug in their location and find nearby Flatbed, whether at home or on the go. After all, Flatbed can't invite you into their home just northwest of normal, unless you can find your way there.