Eroica Wine

Eroica weaves together two of the world’s greatest Riesling producers -- famed German winemaker Ernst Loosen and Chateau Ste. Michelle’s Bob Bertheau -- into a shared story that spans decades. The resulting brand needed its own platform to help set a new bar in the American luxury Riesling category.

Making "Timeless" Modern

The unique elements of the brand, like the meaning of its name, the labored process, and, of course, the special partnership, drove the strategy behind both FINE-written copy and design of the new digital space. The brand was brought into the modern age with a responsive approach to showcase the collection, and to educate consumers about the nuances and unique properties of Rieslings.

The Feel of the Look

The look had to feel as refreshing as the wines, so the design left space for the products to breathe while celebrating collaboration and craftsmanship in the details. One such, a delicate line spanning the length of many pages, evokes a confluence of elements into a singular approach.

From Vineyard to Small Screen

Some layouts were challenging to code, with the asymmetrical style taking additional consideration for responsive views. But ultimately the new site is a clean and concise overview of the brand, the product, and the varietal, beautifully executed for any device.

A Sound Duet

Chateau Ste. Michelle has championed Riesling for more than 45 years, and now this new digital home highlights both the old and new worlds of this special wine and the partnership that brought it to life.