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Eleusis founder Elena Roadhouse partnered with FINE to build a company and brand that quietly and confidently reinforces a simple truth: your best life is lived in a non-toxic, chemical-free home. Thousands of “chemical-free” options exist on the market, yet many are unreliable or misleading, making claims of holistic alternatives not backed by trusted sources. Eleusis cuts through the noise and clutter of the wellness industry so those who are ready to take action can do act with confidence.

The Eleusis Way

The Eleusis name and brand platform were crafted to reflect a transformational experience and journey through a detoxifying cleanse, identification of harmful chemicals in your home, and convenient, subscription-based assistance to fill your space with non-toxic alternatives. The Eleusis mark is the visual equivalent of the goal to provide a simple solution for those who seek balance; a clean and minimalistic mark with an ethereal nature. The mark serves as foundation for a series of graphics that rotate with seasonal offerings. The color palette elicits a serene, calming effect (not unlike the products themselves); soft, light hues reference water and stone.

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Packaging with the Planet in Mind

Great care was taken to minimize waste and use planet-friendly materials during the design of the Eleusis packaging system. Textured finishes on refillable vessels, organic textiles, and biodegradable labeling all express the brand intent through packaging to generate a delicate but persistent reminder that your home is toxin-free with Eleusis.

Production process flow
Eleusis gift box
Eleusis spray bottle
Eleusis spray bottle
A variety of Eleusis products

More Than Just a Service

The Eleusis Way is so much more than buying things that are good for you; green products and subscriptions are just the orientation. Merchandise is packaged in reusable, recyclable, and compostable vessels. New scents and ingredients are added quarterly. A network of community support awaits you through workshops, seasonal health guides, and one-on-one personal wellness consulting with custom-tailored remedies. Eleusis becomes your compassionate mentor, steady in their advocacy. You aren’t just changing what you’re buying—you’re transforming yourself and those around you.

Eleusis Brand Book Cover and Spread
Brand Book with rolled left page
Brand Book close up
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Eleusis spray bottle lay down with other accessories
Sink with Eleusis products resting on wooden cutting board

Digital Effortlessness

Virtualizing such a rich array of offerings can be challenging. FINE thoughtfully crafted a website that initially focused on Eleusis product subscriptions. Once charmed by the effortless purchase experience and quality of product, the virtual experience expands with additional products and services, including a personalized portal, opening the door to engage directly with Elena, facilitate coaching sessions, and immerse in the Eleusis wellness-focused community.

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