Edgecamp Sporting Club branding overlaid on a photograph of the beach

The Edgecamp Sporting Club Experience

Edgecamp Sporting Club is a new travel experience that’s less about getting away and more about living in the moment—it’s a base camp for extreme sport enthusiasts and a haven for like-minded individuals. Outer Banks, NC is home to the first ESC experience and properties in Costa Rica, Florida, and California are on the horizon. With a fresh take on shared spaces, guest rooms, and adventure programming, ESC is pioneering a new brand of high velocity hospitality.

Windsurfers carrying their gear in the surf
Living room view

Creating the Experience

Every ESC stay is purposefully infused with the brand’s ethos. Property-wide touchpoints and specially designed spaces result in unforgettable places to relax and unwind. Programming is designed around adventure, with action and activity built into daily rituals.

Yoga mats / Woman at the beach / kitchen / Two woman carrying surfboards walking towards the beach
Surfer checking out the surf from the wooden walk up to the sand

Making the ESC Mark

Drawing its energy from those who seek the perfect wave, wind, snow, or dirt, ESC’s identity is built on a sense of pursuit and is inspired by the shape of motion. From the rough, hand-hewn strokes that accompany the primary logo to the short-form ESC logo that appears on merch and equipment, the ESC identity includes a brush font for boldly showcasing brand-related action words and three letter property location abbreviations.

ESC logo overlaid on person getting ready to windsurf
ESC branded coasters
Person walking up to the water with a paddleboard and paddle
ESC Stretch Your Body & Your Mind
Woman doing yoga
ESC location detail
Brush typography treatment

ESC Memberships

The key to being in the right place for perfect wind, ideal waves, or pristine powder is location. And ESC provides those locations when guests need them most. ESC membership clubs are designed to take the frustration out of planning trips around seasonal conditions so that accommodations are there when members need them, season after season. Membership marketing materials spread the word across digital platforms and in print, calling on the ESC identity and incorporating flow patterns inspired by active pursuits.

ESC collateral on white washed wood surface: business cards, welcome kit, brochure and matchbook
Windsurfer surfing
ESC branding
Brand brush patterns

ESC Gets Digital

FINE helped translate the activity and beauty of both ESC and its OBX location to the digital space by thoughtfully designing a digital landscape, curating the photography, and defining the mood. The virtual ESC experience is alive with action and energy, helping visitors to see that pursuit isn’t just an activity, it’s an active state of mind.

ESC website on tablet and mobile
Video placeholder
ESC site detail

Edgecamp Sporting Club’s development was guided by the steady vision of ESC founders, Richard Fertig and Erika Bossi. The project team includes Truexcullins Architecture, Beacon, STRU, and FINE.