Drumheller Cellars Website

Drumheller Cellars has roots in events that took place literally eons ago when Ice Age glacial dams broke loose and unleashed a series of epic floods over Eastern Washington. A National Natural Landmark, the Drumeheller Channels is known for its stark beauty and a terroir that produces wines of impressive balance and character.

Where the wine is grown defines the brand, and the story unfolds through sense of place.

With wine heavily influenced by location, the website design leveraged the landscape's natural beauty and character to tell the brand story. Throughout the site, dramatic, full-bleed imagery pairs with purposely off-balanced dual images, coming together to make one photo to mimic the famous rock formations for a holistic elemental experience.

Scalable on Any Screen / Responsive Design. Distinct Experience.

Thoughtfully designed to share the story at any size, the site elevates product detail pages by visually positioning bottles in their natural habitat and pairing simple tasting notes for easy purchasing. Aesthetically, stunning photography throughout the website makes for an experience that may inspire a sense of wanderlust.