The Blend Is Greater Than The Sum Of The Wines

If ever there was a winery that blends well with the interactive space, Conn Creek is it. A boutique winery in the Rutherford District of Napa Valley, Conn Creek sources fruit from nearly all of the Napa Valley’s 15 renowned AVAs for their Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux-style wines. But their growing claim to fame is their AVA Barrel Blending Experience, where visitors get to play winemaker and create their own custom blend from the diverse Napa Valley winegrowing regions, then take home a bottle to impress friends and relatives.

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Complete with Interactive Tasting Room

The winery website extends the Conn Creek experience online, from the opening Flash slideshow that establishes the brand to an interactive map of Napa Valley AVAs to the extensive section on the unique on-site blending experience. Learn about the blending experience, view the blends other aspiring winemakers have made, or share yours. If social media is a trend, think how popular social blending will be. The website design then returns to the winery in the form of a custom-designed iPad experience that welcomes users to the tasting and blending room, much like what you’d expect in an interactive kiosk. Or a very responsive docent.

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