A young girl pushing another young girl on a skateboard with overlayed text that reads "True Collaboration is Human"


The Collaboration Division of global technology leader Cisco is reinventing how workplaces work. A FINE branding initiative helped unify their vision and introduce products that deliver collaboration as a service: a vision, messaging, UI, visual standard, and outreach campaign behind the promise of technology that brings humans together to create and innovate like never before.

The Collaboration Revolution

Through infographics and storytelling, the incredible pace of workplace change emerges in Cisco's digital channels and massive trade roadshows. The message - old hierarchies are crumbling in the face of technology that powers faster, democratized flows of information.

Image of buildings and a graph reading "Now is the new soon. 45% of Fortune 500 companies will be gone within 10 years"
Image of a desktop computer and phone showing graphs of types of workers and new collaboration services
4 postcards with varying graphics pertaining to collaboration and worker productivity
Large auditorium with full attendance audience watching a presentation about Cisco Spark products
Man sitting on couch using a laptop, with devil horns drawn on him. Digital collaboration icons float around his head
Cisco Spark logo on top of the color grey

Sparking Teamwork

At the center of the strategy, Cisco Spark is new collaboration software that enables teams to work together in small virtual "rooms" within large enterprises much like Slack's astronomic growth brought small companies into big channels. A new stamp of approval, UI, and advertising campaign positioned the tool as software with the power to help big companies think small and be ready for the brave new world of work.

Image of digital work place interface with Cisco Spark Collaboration logo over layed
Group of professionals working together with the Cisco Spark logo overlayed over the image and icons showing work flexibility
Stylized icons depicting work place collaboration styles
Postcards of people working remotely that both read "This is My Room"
Postcard of a young girl pushing another young girl on a skateboard, with words that read "True Collaboration is Human"