Chateau Montelena bottle

Website and CMS

It’s no exaggeration to say that Chateau Montelena is famous the world over. It was their wine that won the Paris taste test, inspired the movie Bottle Shock, and put Napa Valley on the map. Their website establishes them as a modern classic, and a brand for the ages.

Make the Best. Period.

35 years after the Paris taste test that rocked the world of wine, Montelena takes its rightful place on the world of web. It features an integrated WordPress blog with a historical recap of that fateful day. And you’ll be able to find it all in search engines, thanks to a careful SEO strategy.

Trailblazing the Mobile Web

A mobile site design features content that keeps the brand's fans in continuous Bottle Shock: events, current releases, contact info, all available in an easy-to-read, easy-to-navigate, on-the-phone, on-the-go format. Meaning that should you find yourself at a wine tasting, you can read about the very wines you’re drinking on the spot. Whether that spot is Paris or your dining room.