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Westlake Apartments

The American dream is thriving at Daly City’s Westlake Apartments. As the first post-war suburbs in the country, this Carmel Partners-backed property leans into its legacy with a reimagined vision of what a high-value community can look like. The result: a reinvigorated Californian property with a vibe that’s just as distinctive as its history.

A Place for Dreamers

Westlake Apartments is synonymous with a laidback California lifestyle. Delving deeper into the existing brand, we aimed to celebrate an untold story of an iconic neighborhood for the modern-day, value-driven resident. With five distinct neighborhoods and over 75 different floor plans to choose from, Westlake is all about getting the best of the suburbs while being a stone’s throw away from San Francisco’s city lights.

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Modern Meets Timeless

The brand identity reflects the unique vibe of each Westlake neighborhood while articulating a cohesive, mid-century inspired story. A fresh take on vintage aesthetics, geometric linework is juxtaposed with modern arching shapes and refined type that builds on the origin of place with an eye to the future. A flexible color system allows each neighborhood to shine, leveraging primary brand colors that are warm yet reserved, and can pair with any neighborhood. Westlake’s identity is grounded in strong, confident tones with pops of color that speak to the dynamism. diversity, and energy of this vibrant community.

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Community Connection

In Westlake, no two neighborhoods are the same. With five unique communities to choose from, each place has a heartbeat and story of its own. Distinctive branding and identity work highlights each neighborhood’s assets, inviting residents to discover a home that aligns with their energy. From South Palm’s sunset-inspired color palette to Plaza West’s oceanic, vibrant tones, this dynamic brand system celebrates distinct experiences while remaining true to the primary mark.

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Art Imitates Life

The American dream is manifested in the modern day with a cohesive visual vernacular. From neighborhood logos to engaging resident touchpoints, geometric cutouts and custom die cut forms reflect mid-century classic shapes and letterforms. Eye-catching linework plays off the visual language of blueprints and neighborhood plans, building brand energy that’s based in deeper meaning. Together, all aspects of the brand identity work to build a strong sense of awareness and community pride.

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Lights, Camera, California Cool

The essence of Westlake’s community came to life with a custom video and photoshoot designed to deliver a fresh take on vintage roots. Leveraging architectural cues seeped in historical relevance, a wardrobe with winks to retro style, and an uplifting color palette, Westlake’s imagery captures the casually cool lifestyle and aspirations of its residents. Photography was carried forward with this in mind across six unique scenes, inclusive of both lifestyle and landscape imagery that promotes a clear vision of the humans that live and thrive here everyday.

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Digital Destinations

Westlake’s vibrant story continues to unfold across its custom website where visitors can easily discover the best of the community with neighborhood maps and highlights. Westlake’s website is built on a legacy FINE-designed digital platform that Carmel Partners leverages to launch unique websites for each residential community while maintaining a quintessential Carmel touch. To continue building awareness and excitement leading up to Westlake’s launch, an email drip campaign works in lockstep with the website, educating potential residents on how they can live, thrive, and dream.

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