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The California Endowment

Health Happens Here is an ambitious cause. It starts with the understanding that, unfortunately, where you live determines how long you live. And it continues with the idea that transforming communities extends far beyond the doctor’s office – it’s schools, grocery stores, education, and all the things that make health happen here, or anywhere.

An Identity to Rally Around

A movement with many parts requires an adaptable brand identity that works on everything from activist t-shirts and legislative bills to celebrity endorsements from Michelle Obama and Lady Gaga. The “pin on a map” icon is that recurring visual, with variations for focus areas: neighborhoods, prevention, schools, and more. It extends to an imagery and video approach where it integrates into the scene to emphasize the importance of place and present an idealized vision.

Health Happens Here Online

From SEO, to design, to the underlying content management system, a network of digital destinations for Health Happens Here and its related community and initiative sites, demonstrate and compel progress toward a revolutionary goal.