Brassfield Estate Winery

Brassfield Estate Winery

With an estate-grown and -bottled tradition that nods to the Old World, Brassfield’s bold aim is to become nothing short of America’s Next Grand Wine Estate.

They may be a bit off the well-worn Napa/Sonoma wine country path, but Brassfield Estates makes a worthy pitch for this title, backed by a new AVA distinction, and the confidence of knowing they sit on a property that boasts its very own lake (Lake Serenity) and (hopefully) dormant Volcano.

A Coal to Diamond Transformation

The thorough re-conditioning and re-crafting of the Brassfield winery brand was like a coal to diamond transformation. After teasing with a placeholder winery website design, the roll-out began with sell sheets, shelf-talkers, labels for new packaging, fact sheets, a glamorous executive presentation, and other brand foundational elements as well.

Finally, the full site launch of the redesigned wine website brings their brand home with features like: ample custom photography of their unique terrain and product line, a careful content/copy approach, an interactive map driven by a custom map illustration to help orient people (both trade and consumer) to their physical location, and (behind the scenes) a full search engine optimization work-up to help folks find them virtually.