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Brasada Ranch is one of Central Oregon’s premier resorts, and for good reason. With an award-winning golf course, access to horse-trottin’, high desert adventure, and a stronghold of scenic accommodations, Brasada Ranch wanted to introduce a more modern, luxe way to stay: Cascade Bungalows. Along with clearly defining a unique verbal and visual identity, our team helped position Cascade Bungalows within the current offering to help newcomers and seasoned guests alike understand the full breadth of what Brasada has to offer.

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Color Palette

The Spirit of the West

The Cascade Bungalows identity needed to feel elevated while remaining cohesive with Brasada Ranch’s brand. Visually, our team produced a Cascade Bungalows-specific logo and color palette that pays homage to the Brasada Ranch legacy while infusing new, lunar elements that speak to a circadian concept and the great wide open. Messaging maintained Brasada’s spirit of adventure, giving it a modern, aspirational spin. These verbal and visual elements of the identity were leveraged across an SEO-optimized landing page, social and display digital ads, organic social, and email to announce the Cascade Bungalows launch.


Choose Your Adventure

The work for Cascade Bungalows fed into a larger need from the Brasada Ranch brand to differentiate, position, and message their accommodations and experiences to their key audiences across families, adults-only stays, and groups, from team outings to weddings. We created marketing materials for the Brasada Ranch sales team that cater to weddings, group stays, and the Brasada experience at large. From farm-to-fork dining at venues with mountain views to team challenge courses, Brasada Ranch is an attractive year-round destination for all.

Choose your adventure

A Cascade Effect

Cascade Bungalows put a renewed impetus on Brasada Ranch to not only partner with us to successfully build and launch a unique identity, but to weave Cascade Bungalows into the fabric of their brand by leveraging pointed marketing tactics. By working at the intersection of campaign development and tactical marketing, our team was able to distinguish Cascade Bungalow’s launch while continuing to celebrate and support the Brasada Ranch brand.

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