A New Brand of Lodging Invites You To Travel Beyond Hotels

Travel is changing fast. From Airbnb to boutiques, preferences are departing from old-time hotels and moving toward new locally-immersive, group-friendly, self-guided lodgings. A yearlong collaboration to comprehensively envision and engineer an answer to shifting demand resulted in a brand that feels like a shared movement, with a manifesto promising "a new way of staying for new ways of living" for travelers who want to feel “more purist, less tourist.”

Expressing the Bode Life

This vision required a name suited to a new category, as welcoming as home and as promising as a whole new way: Bode. The minimal name extends to identity - clean, light type stands out among loud brands, but stays quiet on-property. Two treatments alternate emphasis on master brand or local destination. Map coordinate graphics invite exploration, as do subtle, location-specific highlight colors. Collateral is spare, curated to support city-specific experience. The use of first names on business cards personally unites fellow travelers. Look and feel retains white space, using lifestyle imagery in editorial layouts showcasing group dynamic and design-centricity. A robust, responsive digital presence and booking engine extends to social content and an integrated booking engine with tools like a floor plan selector that flexes to group size.

Designing Experience From the Inside Out

Every touchpoint of the Bode experience is mapped to carefully balance global consistency and local distinction as the company scales. Guest and Employee Journeys, Service Principles, and Facility Factors all roll up into detailed documents that guide development and operation of Bode everywhere, keeping group experience and local immersion top-of-mind. And helping identify space for unique partnerships and memorable details along the way.

The core brand concept required new approaches to shared space. The Bode Hub offers new central food, beverage, and gathering zones, toggling day and night with a clever pub/hub split personality. Design lends to impromptu, casual, flexible use, from grab and go inside in the morning, to evening hangouts outside at the fire pit or aboard Otis the flatbed truck. From wayfinding to art and amenities, every aspect of Bode re-imagines hospitality.


“Collaborations of this nature cannot be fabricated. FINE shares our passion and deeply understands our industry. Couple that with a willingness to immerse in the holistic process of creating a whole new kind of hospitality company, and the outcome is limitless.” - Phillip Bates, CEO & Fellow Traveler @ Bode