aMYLK logo and brand identity


Portland’s purest alternative milk company, aMYLK, delivers bottles of delicious mylk locally, sharing wellness and inspiring people to live healthier, more joyful lives. To attract a community of like-minded folks, new branding reflects the product's pure ingredients.

Amy. Owner & Joy Seeker.

Amy + mylk = aMYLK. Amy infuses her bright personality into her mylks, which shines through in the brand's new identity. The logo mark itself is Amy’s own handwriting, taken from her first deliveries of hand writing each mylk tag. It's a reflection of aMYLKs made-by-hand process.

As Minimal as Pure

Carefully selected, organic, plant-based ingredients, combined through the simplest, made-by-hand process, make up a product bursting with natural goodness and pure flavors. To reflect this purity of product and process, a minimal label design highlights key details in few words — activated, raw, unpasteurized. The streamlined type treatment and pastel colors are inviting and calming to evoke the silky traits of the mylk itself.

Cultivating Community

For a brand tied to its community, social became its platform from which to launch. Beginning with Instagram, a consistent, regularly paced presence incorporates both branded and user-generated content, encouraging followers to share their aMYLK photos, with the simple bottle design suited to almost every background. Natural partnerships with like-minded brands and content creators amplify the message of holistic wellness with a #communityovercompetition position.

Empowering Ecommerce

As the final step in the brand launch, an ecommerce platform serves both the customers placing orders, as well as the aMYLK team managing sales and updates as the business grows. A custom shop skin translates the native branding into a digital home — clean design that can be leveraged for any environment.

Berry smoothie? Adaptogenic elixir? Morning coffee? Evening cocktail? How will you use your aMYLK?