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American Securities

Tracing its family origins back to 1947, American Securities is a private equity firm grounded in a long history of values-based investing. Through a long-term partnership perspective, they’ve built a $15 Billion portfolio across 33 countries with more than 52,000 employees. Their brand website tells their story of “authentic private equity,” and celebrates the highly successful companies they’ve collaborated with along the way.

Authentic Private Equity

Guiding principles take center stage in the site design through oversized typography that initiates a dialogue with prospective partner CEOs. The effect is clean, contemporary, personal. A simple, fresh color palette sets the tone and guides transitions. Custom infographics reinforce a results focus, and the success they help bring to their companies. Deeper in the site, a balance of custom imagery displays team collaboration, all leading up to video content featuring the site's intended stars: CEOs of partner companies.

A Collaborative Experience

The no-frills approach to website content and graphics paves the way for a fully responsive design and build that renders elegantly across browser types, giving the venerable firm a decidedly future feel. A custom CMS keeps the content fresh. Overall, the inherent clickability and usability of the approach is also a subtle nod to the experience of working with the firm: flexible, straightforward, humble, principled, results-focused.

The site's real twist on expectation is the use of design and content to paint a picture of American Securities, while reinforcing “it’s not about us.” Prominent focus stays with CEO testimonials, track-record results, robust company news, and partnership. Those who dig deeper find further proof in a section humbly placed lower in navigation despite its position high in American Securities's philosophy - a gallery and section dedicated to their longstanding efforts of Giving Back.

“FINE did a terrific job. They understood private equity when we started our website redesign project and listened to what was important to us, particularly our commitment to our values and portfolio company management teams. The site they designed conveys who we are in a creative way with which we are very pleased. And they were very competent and nice people with whom to collaborate.” - Michael Fisch, Managing Director & CEO

Globally Localized

To support its Shanghai presence and China partnerships, key web pages were localized, including Chinese-specific case study pages that highlight the firm’s Asian work. Behind the scenes, browser sniffing to serve the right language, language toggling and new CMS parameters support translation.

Identity Refreshed

After exploring a range of new options, a look close to the firm’s longstanding logo was retained, but refined for modern production and sensibilities. Cleaner lines, and a print and screen-friendly color palette aligned it to their authentic and contemporary aesthetic.