9 Dang Signage on glass door

Nine Dang Fine Thai

9 Dang Fine Thai is the fourth Portland-area restaurant from celebrated local Chef, Aut "Dang" Boonyakamol. With the intention of preserving Thai cuisine’s traditional spirit, while introducing a few daring elements, a new brand took shape that infuses conventional Thai concepts with a fresh, bold perspective.

The identity is a commanding presence, and takes two forms, each equally contemporary, and working as a visual representation of the restaurant’s brazen culinary approach. A contrasting color palette adds bright and striking levity to the brand, visually separating diverse menus and individual dishes.

Digitally Served

The brand’s conspicuous introduction to the restaurant’s more adventurous flavors translates digitally. A colorful site allows for simple navigation, with easy access to menus and 9 Dang’s infamous specials — translated in Thai. It culminates in a brand that elevates beloved tradition to a mouth-watering level of vivid modernity.