Six well dressed business people walking together

50 South Capital

On the heels of a new name, 50 South Capital was ready to further distinguish itself as high-touch and service-oriented across dual hedge fund and private equity teams. Their aspiration: to be “a different kind of investment partner” that is nimble, autonomous within $8.5 Trillion parent company Northern Trust, and offers co-investments and managers with unique sources of return. Above all, a new brand website would establish that story, introduce the people, and make a little noise along the way.

Balancing New & Old School

A thorough discovery and messaging phase set the tone for a more tech-savvy and personable 50 South. Multiple directions and look and feel explorations zeroed in on a balance of high-end/techy, with established/old-school. The right feel informed not only the website, but a refinement in overall graphic standards, including the logo, an updated corporate color palette, a mix of sans-serif and serif fonts that speak to the duality in 50 South’s business, and even a signature infographic style.

The Structure is the Story

The brand (and company) differentiates in subtle structure and navigation cues. A split 50/50 design approach speaks to their dual business model. Tech-savvy comes through in navigation, using drawers and the kind of flexibility that translates well to logo. The content strategy kept content to a minimum and their team at the forefront, while avoiding the typical reliance on portfolio company logos. Each page ends with a large pull quote speaking personally to what 50 South is all about.

All the Small Things

The omni-present “quick peek” nav translates perfectly to smaller screen devices, with that flyout techy feeling. Image randomization keeps the home page fresh while boasting the diversity of their team. “Lazy loading” as you scroll helps the pacing and flow of each page. All the details add up, right down to a 404 error page that shares Chicago tips for visitors.

People are the Big Picture

Despite the details of the 404 and footer, the emphasis on the personal side is far from an error or a footnote. Throughout the site, the output of a multi-day custom photo shoot drives an impression that is people forward, company-wide. It speaks to their dynamism and approachability, while early morning and evening shots even suggest their hardworking “around the clock” dedication. 50 South may have two sides to the business, but they are clearly a “One Team Culture.”

The process of working with FINE to brand 50 South online was an important part of understanding our business and how to powerfully communicate it for years to come.

— Robert DiCarlo, Chief Administrative Officer, 50 South Capital.