Frank Family Vineyards

First constructed as the Historic Larkmead Winery in 1884, Frank Family Vineyards is Napa Valley’s third-oldest winery. Under the more recent ownership of longtime entertainment executive Rich Frank, they are a legend turned legacy. Their family-owned, people-first intention emerges on a site that tells the story of a kind of hospitality where every guest is invited into the daily experience like an extended member of the family.

Exploring The Every Day Behind Great Wine

The concept is rooted in the brand’s promise of making every guest experience the best —a sense of slowing down and enjoying the best things in life: family, fine wine, and connection with place. The homepage conveys this first impression by connecting with the lifecycle of a day at Frank Family Vineyards through an interactive, 12-hour time lapse, controlled by mouseover. It’s an invitation to engage with the place and pace at the winery.

Dual Narrative

Storybook navigation introduces users to a typical vineyard day, with an ever-present clock element to guide the narrative. Content is paced to slow things down, to engross, demonstrating a commitment to people that drives a desire to experience it all first hand. Through both FINE-written copy and an intentional design that opts for warmth over showiness, approachability over exclusion, the site works as a family album, communicating a familial experience made even better with great wine.

Like One of the Family

Throughout the site, immersive photography illustrates a natural simplicity behind the brand, bringing the staff into focus through both imagery and videos, so guests feel as though they’ve already met them before they ever visit the vineyard. Content-driven pages work together with functional business pages for easy access to basic information, and, of course, product purchasing via a skinned ecommerce shop. Clear wayfinding balances with the story-like approach for a cohesive, site-wide delivery of approachable luxury.

Personalizing the Product

Within wine detail pages, customizable “story” elements allow for a more detailed background on the process and people behind the product, where additional content and imagery, or even video, offer an intimate look into more personal releases. These individualized product stories enable the sharing of a legacy between Frank Family and guests, beyond the bottle.

Lasting Legacy

On any screen, Frank Family Vineyard’s new website is an engaging, immersive experience the moment users are welcomed “home.” They are encouraged to explore and to engage, foreshadowing the award-winning tasting experience at the winery itself. What’s left is a brand connection built by a prevailing sense of genuine interactions.

Continuing the Family Story

New chapters to Frank Family’s story are told across a blog that shares travel, food, and entertaining recommendations, inviting readers to connect with the brand on a deeper content level. As personal stories and photos from proprietors Rich and Leslie Frank support a familial atmosphere, they also further feature the family behind the operation, to welcome all guests warmly into it.