Z Collection Mobile Image with Hotel Logo

Unofficial Z Collection

The Unofficial Z Collection was established with the core belief that a hotel is no longer just a place to sleep—it’s a place to wake up. A diverse array of mind-expanding, creatively-inspiring hotels within the collection are anchored by the letter Z. Each hotel stands unapologetic and original, unsubstantiated by its peers, yet is undeniably strengthened by them. FINE brought this charged brand to life through a provocative interplay of art and experience intended to ignite passion, self-discovery, and creative spontaneity. The Z Collection of hotels is officially standalone, unofficially united.

Part Call-to-Arms, Part Unsuspecting Nod

The Z Collection identity is rooted in the underground, representing the artistic spirit and the electric energy of countercultural movements. At the center point of the mark is a bold and expressive gesture. The logo is designed to be used subtly as an invitation to investigate further. Through the intentional distress of “Unofficial” to emphasize its off-the-record quality, the mark depicts an anti-status quo ethos.

Awaken Your Voice

Each Z Collection hotel has its own distinct point of view on social and political climates, openly challenging the norm with bold progressiveness expressed via art and activations. Edgy environments and a fearless Minifesto incite big reactions, awakening civil and creative consciousness. Zs form a united front by virtue of rebellion and unique perspectives. Guests and staff alike, roused by personal revelations, eagerly await the discovery of their new progressive voices at the next Z Hotel.

For the 'Gram

To support the Z Collection launch, a social media campaign was initiated to introduce the brand in mysterious and curiosity-provoking methods. Surrealistic reimaginings of iconic destinations showcase the eclectic array of artists and craft partners. Social posts are designed to authentically orient and interact with the Z.

Energized Digital Environment

Redefining the industry standard, Z Collection’s digital landscape brings the art-forward environments and visionary designs of each hotel into a single experience. Unexpected and exciting visual interactions keep site visitors engaged. Normally, taking a digital deep-dive into artistic and experiential features would clutter a booking experience—here, they support the unified Collection’s expressive and unapologetic nature.

The Unofficial Z Collection brand was unapologetically instigated by the rebellious collaborative team of FINE, Pebblebrook, and Dawson Design Associates.