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Curator Hotel & Resort Collection

The Curator Hotel & Resort Collection celebrates the uniqueness of hotels by helping guests find differentiated, authentic hospitality experiences without needing to sift through typical, nearly identical accommodations of big name hotels. Curator is a brand connecting almost 120 independent hotels with their guests, backed by the nation’s largest independent hotel group, Pebblebrook, in tandem with their founding visionary partners.

Celebrating Independence

Curator reveres variety by uniting and empowering independent lifestyle hotels to compete with bigger brands so guests can travel beyond predictable hotel experiences and create a lifestyle uniquely their own. To help hotels focus their time on creating distinct, unique experiences, Curator replaces more traditional programming with fun discovery to demonstrate how every individual can find a hospitality experience that suits them or their mood.

A Strong, Confident Identity

The concept for the Curator Collection identity came as a contemporary extension of a pictogram approach; symbols for global reach, hyperlocal compass markings, and the alliteration of dual Cs in the name. These create a fun, confident, and recognizable marker or badge that can be seamlessly paired with each property’s identity. Curator’s color palette was intentionally restricted to remain flexible when used in conjunction with property brands and to avoid competing for visual presence.

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Curator Hotel & Resort Collection Brand Guidelines

Unique Navigation

The Curator website’s suggestive search functionality pivots between location and experience-based queries, allowing guests to search by what they want to do as opposed to the traditional city-based approach; an opportunity atypical of most hospitality websites. A custom map corresponds to searches while visual storytelling expresses the boutique and unexpected experiences of the Collection’s properties.

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Curator Hotel & Resort Collection Map Experience

Visual Storytelling

A high-level storyboard and visual script formed the foundation of the Curator video in tandem with the editing of various video and imagery assets from properties within the collection. Combined with a narrative script, the video tells the story of what Curator offers to hospitality groups, and a secondary instance targets consumers.

Curator Hotel & Resort Collection Video Storyboard
Curator Hotel & Resort Collection Video Screen-Captures

The Curator project was wildly successful due to the confident guidance of Jennifer Barnwell, Jon Bortz, Ray Martz, and the extended Pebblebrook hotel Trust team, a raft of forward thinking "Visionaries” in the boutique hospitality space, and their friends at FINE.

We found FINE incredibly creative and their process is the most fun we've been through with anyone. Ideal partners to champion our new brand.

— Jennifer Barnwell, President, Curator Hotel Collection