Scouters Mountain Logo and Visual Identity

Scouters Mountain

The Holt Group is one of the largest real estate developers in the Pacific Northwest with more than 10,000 lots and homes to its credit. Here, FINE brand strategy guided placemaking, experience, and visual expression for their new multi-family residential community rooted in outdoor adventure. From market position to resident journey, neighborhood wayfinding, monuments, even schwag, the brand fuels buyer interest and the lifetime journey that awaits them at Scouters Mountain.

Pinpointing Residents and Mapping Their Journey

Thorough demographic and psychographic personas of the young families suited to the vision is step one. From there, the principles and details of a journey can be thoughtfully mapped. From sales through home ownership, the touchpoints of gathering, exploring, exercising, and retreating, create a loyal and true resident lifestyle.

Design Guides the Way

A visual identity system takes its inspiration from vintage national park postcards, adopting the spirit of the naturalist in typography and color, inviting young families to explore and engage with their own backyard, every day.

Visual Systems for Organic Growth

A custom resident journey and thoughtful placemaking visual standards, all captured in an easily digestible brand dashboard, ensure the Scouters Mountain experience can scale with the neighborhood while retaining its signature look and feel.

A Community-Centering Monument

In collaboration with our favorite local fabricator, Stratford Gates, a signature roundabout entrance monument was designed to anchor the community, offering a "giant diorama" inspired by the location, unifying the spirit of the place and the brand; playful, familial, natural, and uniquely Scouters Mountain.