Wear FINE Fuels Iconic New Expression

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What happens when fashion, altruism, and community collide?
We’re about to find out.

Here comes Wear FINE Apparel -- a new brand, and a new movement toward streetwear style with a purpose. Born of social justice, incubated at FINE, created and run by women and BIPOC, this un-apparel-like apparel company amplifies altruism with style. It exists to elevate mission-driven efforts through collaborations with groups putting in the work to create change in their communities.

“The initial spark for Wear FINE Apparel was ignited by the power of the Black Lives Matter movement last summer. For us, it’s about creating a collaboration that’s more than a product. It’s a tangible demonstration of commitment to societal change.” - Maya Fine, Co-Founder & Creative Partner

All net profits for these signature collab items go right back to the organizations for their worthy purposes.

“At its core, Wear FINE Apparel is about equity and the better distribution of capital, whether that capital is social, or knowledge, technology, or resources. Through products and marketing, we bring visibility to our partners which creates awareness and support for their missions.” - Mackenzie Pion, Co-Founder & Creative Partner

Wear FINE Apparel’s very first limited edition drop was created in proud partnership with PDX Black Excellence. It features a hand tie-dyed and finished t-shirt as well as a limited edition art print with an original design by PDX Black Excellence Creative Director (and FINE Design Collaborator) Jarren Simmons.

“It’s about the essence of partnership — fields of black and white swirl together to create a dynamic tie-dye texture without losing their true nature in the process,” says Simmons. “You can see black, you can see white, but they’re more impactful when they combine to form something new altogether. The black rose pays homage to the strength required to bloom through the concrete and is an emblem of blossoming unity for the Rose City’s Black community.” - Jarren Simmons

The new Wear FINE Apparel brand identity leans into an angled “I” -- a slash intentionally cutting through dated preconceptions, instilling momentum, and symbolizing a confident socially-conscious generation pushing forward.

The online store is all forward movement as well, with slick imagery and copy mingling to introduce future allies to their new community, honing in on the design and details of the signature wearables and collabs, plus a few things your walls can wear as well. Along the way, FINE becomes an acronym for all kinds of great things to come.

We believe it’s always a good time to make our communities better.
Now it’s time to look FINE doing it.

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