Villa Mt. Eden: A Pioneering Winery Gets A Hand-Tooled Re-Brand

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Villa Mt. Eden Winery’s history is rich and long. 130 years long.

This Napa Valley Burgundian-focused winery is one of few still in existence from the early days of The Valley, when men were men and wine was, well, not whiskey. Back then George Yount started a winery long before they named a town for him (Yountville).

Rugged, pioneering and hand-tooled in approach, Villa Mt. Eden’s wines have come to boast an immense quality-to-value ratio. It’s all about place, timing, and craftsmanship.

Now they also boast an elegant, but unpretentious, hand-crafted winery website. It's simple, like the times it came from. But look for little details, like the fact that the background is a wine barrel and the nav its belly band, the interactive map of the vineyard and regions with a few hidden vineyard profile links. And you won't see it, but it's all driven from the same custom content management system that makes all Ste Michelle Wine Estates branded websites go.

With honesty, elegance, and good ol’ pioneering spirit, Villa Mt. Eden Winery, a bit like a sophisticated country gentleman who might wear a cowboy hat with his sweater vest (check the Winemaker page), follows wherever the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay may lead.

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