The Many Delights of Do Not Disturb

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The best hospitality brands in the world all have one thing in common: the guest experience permeates everything they do.

An exceptional experience goes beyond the superficial sensory elements. It feels as though the brand has woven a tangible identity throughout the customer journey, seamlessly connecting big, signature moves to smaller, surprising details. A well-executed identity embodies the brand’s sensibility and fosters guest loyalty. Elements like service, dining, and amenities can do some heavy lifting, but think of the smaller touchpoints as the connective tissue within the experience. We’re talking signature scents, branded keycards, Do Not Disturb signs.

Yup, you read that right—Do Not Disturb signs. There’s a reason why we revere them as a golden opportunity for a crisp and clever brand moment. If there’s anything we’ve learned from creating this handle candy over the years, it’s that the all-holy DND sign is very much on a guest’s radar; they’ve come to expect something special. All facetiousness aside, it’s our job to exceed those expectations.

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Maximize the Moment
Here’s how we approach the finer details to maximize the overall experience. From a Brand-Led Business Building® mindset, all these seemingly small moments are essential for creating connections and establishing your identity. We zoom out and take stock of all the points where a guest’s experience could be positively impacted; these are brand opportunities. By mapping the customer journey, we can identify where remarkable and unexpected moments can take shape. Amid all the larger engagement points like hotel amenities and services, we zone in on operational elements like keycards and in-room signs. Ensuring these small moments aren’t overlooked is key; a thoughtful Do Not Disturb sign essentially tells your guest that you’re paying attention to their experience.

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Stay True to You
The trick is to stay true to the brand while not losing sight of the utility. Maybe wordplay doesn’t jive with your brand identity, in which case striking design and straightforward copy might make the most sense. If the end result is compelling but feels disjointed from the rest of the experience, we’re losing the value of this touchpoint. What matters most is that you take the opportunity to do something thoughtful, engaging, and authentic.

Get Inspired
Above, we've shared a few of our favorite Do Not Disturb signs that we’ve created over the years, from kitschy fun to cool and clean. Click through to our Hospitality section to find plenty more.

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