Swimming in the Blue Circle

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Salmon gently and sustainably farmed in the crystalline waters off Norway. Tuna born in the sparkling waters South of the Maldives. Both shipped fresh to your local WholeFoods ... sounds a little tastier than canned fish spawned in a giant industrial pen in the middle of a city doesn't it?

Swim on over to Blue Circle's new site to see not only evocative imagery of just such fresh fish (that'll just plain make you hungry - and, in the case of Norway, cold - even where it doesn't show food) but also a fully refined identity for their master brand Blue Circle and their WholeFoods brand Changing Seas.

They came to us focused on an umbrella name and identity tied inextricably to their WholeFoods distribution channel - Changing Seas. They emerged on the other side re-focused on a name they were already using as a sub-brand but found they could truly own and define - Blue Circle. The re-brand included an identity, packaging, and a Website that tells their story. That story is that they are truly a leader in sustainable fishing and farming.

Also check out the online tour of their (certified) sustainable practices. Check it out.

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